Vinyl Fences – Arlington, TX

Style, Durability & Ease

Unique custom vinyl fence

When it comes to fencing, you can never go wrong with vinyl. Not only does it look great and can be stylized as you wish, but it is also proven to last, stand up to the weather, and requires minimal maintenance (like just hosing it off once or twice a year). It’s ideally suited for all climates and perfect for both home and business owners. We’ve personally installed hundreds of them around the DFW area, so you can trust we have the expertise to bring your project to fruition while delivering premium quality and service.

Why Choose Make Me A Fence of Arlington for Vinyl Fences?

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Vinyl Fences

Custom vinyl fence

A white vinyl fence is always eye-catching and inviting, and it adds a kind of style and class that is truly unique. On top of the aesthetic benefits, vinyl is a great fencing material from a practical perspective as well. It’s noted for its durability and requires little in the way of routine care. Plus, it can come in a wide variety of designs and even be made to look like a more traditional wood fence if desired.

This kind of fence is truly an investment in quality, so it costs a little more than our cedar and iron fences, but the difference in price is far outdone by what you receive. With vinyl, there is no compromise when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and durability…you get the best of the best of the best, which is especially true when it's installed by our skilled craftsmen who bring decades of experience to each project.