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Chain link fence

Chances are that many of your childhood memories are outlined by a chain link fence, whether you were running around your backyard with family or playing sports. The reason this type of fence is so ubiquitous is simple: it’s affordable and works well for a variety of spaces. Chain link allows someone to have a fence without obstructing any eye-lines, which can be ideal if you want people to look inside or make the space feel as open as possible.

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Chain Link Fences

Closeup of chain link fence

Chain link fences allow home and business owners to enjoy an affordable option without compromising on the quality or functionality of their fence. It’s extremely budget-friendly both in terms of the initial cost as well as the ongoing maintenance. You don’t have to do much to keep a chain link fence looking like new for years, even decades. It can easily keep the kids and pets in while also outlining the border of your property and creating a wide-open look that is ideal for outdoor spaces.  A taller fence can also serve as an imposing barrier for warehouses and other types of facilities, offering plenty of security while being gentle on the bottom line.