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A cedar fence is probably what comes to most people’s minds when they think about a fence around a home, and this iconic look will never go out of style. At Make Me a Fence of Arlington, we utilize the highest quality lumber and will custom-design your fence, so it’s easy on the eyes, brings warmth to your outdoor space, and provides the security and privacy you desire. Fortunately, we offer more than one type, and you can learn more about your options for cedar fences in Arlington, TX and even get a free design and estimate by calling us today .

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Cedar Fences Overview

New cedar fence replacing old fence

A cedar fence is timeless, and it’s one of the many things that can quickly turn a yard or patio into an outdoor living space or a house into a home. From the height to the color of the stain and each little detail in between, we’ll help you design your fence so that it perfectly suits your home, tastes, and budget. With regular maintenance and repair, a cedar fence can be trusted to look like new for several years, adding lasting value and warmth to your property.  

The Different Types of Cedar Fences

Cedar fence and gate in Arlington

The first choice that comes with deciding to get a cedar fence is picking the type of wood. There are several options to choose from that can suit any taste or style, with two of the most popular being:

  • Red Cedar: It has a beautiful, natural red color, an inviting smell, and it also resists water, rot, and insects. Because of this, it is priced a little higher compared to other cedars, and it comes in three types—clear (no knots), better (tighter knots), and economical (loose knots).
  • Japonica Cedar: Often used in Japan because of its lightness, color, and water resistance, Japonica Cedar has many of the same qualities as red cedar, but it costs notably less.

Benefits of Cedar Fences

Beautiful fenced yard in Arlington

Why have homeowners and commercial builders relied on cedar fencing for decades? When you consider the benefits, the decision is simple:

  • Cedar is able to stand up to virtually any climate when it comes to moisture, sun, and wind.
  • The smell is pleasing to humans but off-putting to pests.
  • Highly customizable and can work with many types of paint and stains to create a unique look.
  • Unlikely to warp or rot over time.
  • Proven to raise the property value of a home.
  • Able to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Natural, non-toxic material that is safe for pets and children alike.

How to Maintain a Cedar Fence

Man power washing cedar fence in Arlington

So when you decide to invest in a cedar fence, what will you need to do to make sure it maintains its look and lasts as long as possible? While any fence will eventually need to be replaced, you can delay this by following a few simple steps:

  • Quickly replace damaged individual boards so they don’t compromise the fence’s structural integrity.
  • Apply a sealant around the base of your fence if it will come in contact with the ground, as prolonged exposure to water can lead to accelerated rot.
  • Be sure to prep the fence before applying any kind of treatment (i.e. paint or stain).
  • Clean it annually—a power washer is the easiest method.
  • Ideally, stain or paint your fence soon after installation to add a layer of protection against the elements.
  • To keep the wood looking fresh and in great shape, the fence should be stained every three to five years.