Why is Cedar Preferred When Building Fences?

February 2, 2023

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a cedar fence

Your backyard is a place where your kids can play, and you can relax. No matter how big or small the area might be, you view it as a place of privacy, away from prying eyes. If you’ve yet to take the next step in separating your yard from your neighbor’s, you might consider building a fence. But what kind of materials should you use? In this article, we’ll explain why cedar wood is a great option for a fence and what you can do to maintain it.

Why Homeowners Choose Cedar?

There are many different materials on the market that you can choose from when preparing to build a fence. When working with a professional, you can expect that they will go over the different types and provide reasons why you should choose one particular type over another.

The reasons why so many homeowners choose cedar, though, are:

  • It is much more affordable than other types of materials (i.e., iron, redwood)
  • It is resistant to rot, so it can last much longer than other types of wood
  • It helps to deter insects and pests that can breakdown and damage your fence
  • It maintains a natural aesthetic and is highly versatile when it comes to the grain and texture
  • It is a low-maintenance wood that doesn’t require complex treatments to keep clean
  • It offers great privacy because the boards can be placed close together to avoid gaps and holes

How to Maintain a Cedar Fence

To ensure that your new fence looks its best year-round, there are a few things you can do to better maintain it. Apart from adding a sealant to ensure maximum protection against moisture, damaging rays, and splitting or cracking wood, you can effectively clean the area once every year using a power washer.

It helps to weed the perimeter of your fence and apply a clear sealant as well, as this reduces the chances of anything growing and potentially damaging the wood.

If your cedar fence is stained, you’ll want to re-stain it every three to five years so that it maintains its vibrance.

Choosing a cedar fence for your yard will evoke positive feelings among you and your family. Not only will you enjoy a beautiful addition to your home, but you’ll ensure greater privacy, which is something everyone appreciates.

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