Stains and Sealers: What is the Difference?

March 8, 2023

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a stained fence

When it comes to protecting your cedar fence, you want to make sure your investment is one you don’t want to waste. Using the right products and proven techniques is essential, so what is the difference between stains and sealers? Read on to discover what makes these two distinct and which one you should use for your fence.

    Should I Use a Stain or Sealer on My Fence?

    Before making this decision, you should learn a bit more about each and their unique benefits. This will help you to decide how best to care for your fence each year.


    Stains come in an array of shades, allowing you to customize your fence based on your desired color scheme. But even more importantly, they help to reduce rot and sun damage by repelling UV rays. This will help to decrease the chances of your fence appearing faded over time.

    Also, stains are known to last longer than sealers, which means you’ll minimize the time spent touching up your fence year after year. However, they can be harder to apply and cost more than sealers, so you need to decide if it’s worth your time, effort, and money.


    Sealers’ primary benefit is that they help to repel moisture. Commonly designed to be a “clear coat,” sealers will not change the color of your fence but instead, make it waterproof, which helps against rot. They’re also much cheaper to buy than stains, so it’s considered a budget-friendly option.

    Unfortunately, sealers cannot prevent damage from UV rays, and it’s unlikely to last as long as a stain would.

    Which One is Best?

    Neither a stain nor sealer is considered “better” than the other simply because they each offer their own advantages. The most important things to consider are your budget, your personal preference, and your overall goal.

    You might ask yourself, “Do I want to change the color of my fence,” “Do I live in a climate where I need to worry about harsh fading over time,” and “Do I have the money to purchase stain as opposed to a sealer?”

    After answering these questions, you might consider reaching out to a specialist who can sit down and discuss your options as well as which one will leave your fence looking its best over time. Its maintenance requires an investment on your part, so make sure you choose a solution that maximizes the lifespan of your fence.

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